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"...beneath the surface of every traditional building are unique spaces and features waiting to be discovered and restored..."

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Renovating Traditional Buildings

Traditional buildings can present new and unique challenges to anyone who is unfamiliar with them.

We prepared this guide to highlight common pitfalls,to help you avoid expensive mistakes and offer a systematic approach to any project to ensure a successful outcome.

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our guide to Renovating Traditional Buildings has essential guidance and advice for property owners

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1. Traditional Building Healthcheck

Build a Relationship with your building. Whether or not you are planning a project, our health check will identify features of historical significance, report on the physical condition of your...

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2. Design Review

Planning changes to a traditional or historic property? We will review your accommodation requirements, identify designs options that respond sensitively to the historic fabric and discuss the costs and...

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3. Project Delivery

Getting it Right. When you are ready to go ahead with the project, we will take care of everything you need to complete your project, including preparation of drawings, specifications and contract...

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