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What you see from the ground is often deceptive, its only when you get up close with a scaffold that you really get a feel for the condition of your property. Areas that looked solid from the ground...

Climate change is affecting us all , but in unexpected ways. It not all about warmer temperatures and fitting more insulation. For our traditional buildings it can be simpler and more dramatic than...

We had perfect weather for carrying out our field test of lime mortars this week. Our research project will advance our understanding of lime mortars and heir durability in extreme conditions. The...

Terms like “nail sickness” are evocative. Whenever a slate slips off a roof, there is a suspicion that the roof is suffering from this mysterious affliction that brought along by old age. We see our...

Whatever the size or complexity of the property, there are somethings that you really must invest in and top of the list has to be leadwork. Lead flashings and ridges are your primary defence...

The Community Spaces Toolkit


Create the ideal space for your community group.

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It is packed with advice, templates and resources specifically for community groups that are looking to develop or maintain traditional buildings. It is the ideal tool to start your project on the right path and will help you avoid expensive mistakes.

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Project Primer expert advice at the start of your journey

1. Project Primer

Our project primer offers you with an opportunity to discuss your project with us on site.

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Health check logo, protect your investment with a regular inspection from a conservation architect

2. Traditional Building Healthcheck

We will report on the physical condition of the building, identify features of historical significance and give recommendations for maintenance and repair to protect your property. 

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Our team of architects will examine your ideas and give you feedback on the projected outcomes

3. Renovation Review

Planning changes to your property? We will review your accommodation requirements, prepare sketch design options that respond sensitively to the historic fabric, identify project costs and...

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