1. Project Primer

Our project primer offers you with an opportunity to discuss your project with us on site.

A site audit will enable us to give advice that is more specific to your needs. Unlike a phone call or office meeting, we will be able to make a quick assessment of your property and will highlight any immediate issues that may influence the direction of your project.

This is a two hour consultation that will provide you with quick feedback about your proposed project.

  • We will meet at your property or site to discuss your vision,
  • we will give you a quick assessment of potential risks and opportunities based on our expertise and experience.
  • We will review where you are in the development process and 
  • We will outline the steps you need to make your project a success.

We will provide a brief summary after the meeting but please note these should not be regarded as recommendations or proposals. These will require more detailed analysis and investigation and would be part of the next stage.