2. Traditional Building Healthcheck

We will report on the physical condition of the building, identify features of historical significance and give recommendations for maintenance and repair to protect your property. 


Traditional Building Health Check service

Maintenance is always cheaper than a repair.


Whether or not you are planning a project, it is important to build a relationship with your building.

A health check for traditional buildings should be carried out every 5 years. A regular inspection will ensure that potential issues are identified early, enabling preventative maintenance to be carried out, before they become a more serious problem. The report will help you to understand maintenance needs and plan your budget in advance for these works.


What is involved: 

 A typical health check will include;

  • Inspection of external roof & walls.
  • Inspection of exterior joinery.
  • Inspection of interior.
  • Inspection of attic space.
  • Comments on condition of services.
  • Inspection of landscape in the vicinity.
  • Investigate any known problems hat have been brought to our attention.

On completion of the inspection;

  • We will point out areas of note on site and explain why these may be important.
  • We will prepare a written report, that records our observations.
  • We will identify areas that may require specialist investigation.
  • We will recommend a strategy for repair and maintenance to be carried out over the next five years.

The health check is based on a visual inspection, no opening up will be carried out, where further investigation is required, this will be advised in the subsequent report.

How Much Does it cost ?

The fee for carrying out a Traditional Building Health Check will cost £480 excl VAT for a typical dwelling.

If your property is larger or more complex, there my be an additional charge.