3. Renovation Review

Planning changes to a traditional or historic property?

We will review your accommodation requirements, identify designs options that respond sensitively to the historic fabric and discuss the costs and benefits with you. 


Reviewing sketch designs with MAAC studio as part of the renovation review service


An Intelligent Approach

The Renovation Review will take your through the Analysis Phase of your project.

A proper understanding of the challenges associated with altering and renovating traditional properties, is critical to the long term success of any project. It is important to understand not only the materials but also the right craftsmen that have the skills necessary to make your project. There are always unexpected surprises but an experienced team will anticipate this and help you to identify the most appropriate path for you.

Whats involved.

As part of the design review services, we will;

  • Review your existing property
  • Carry out a measured survey and prepare drawings and models of your property.
  • Review the type and quality of space that you want to create.
  • Review planning and technical constraints.
  • Develop sketch proposals that illustrate alternative strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Review the risks and opportunities associated with each strategy.
  • Review the costs of each strategy.
  • Assess timescales for project delivery.