4. Project Delivery

Getting it Right

When you have reviewed your project options and are ready to move ahead, our Project Delivery service will guide you every step of the way.

  • Starting with the Development Phase of your design that will finalise the accommodation layouts and methods of construction,
  • through the Project Documentation Phase, where we will apply for all the necessary licences and permissions,
  • the Tender Phase, where we will identify suitable builders and obtain prices for the work
  • The Delivery Phase, where we build out your project, and finally
  • Completion, where we hand over the project.


MAAC Studio project documents
Managing a project requires experience and attention to detail


The whole picture

Project delivery can be a lengthy and complex process for any project, older buildings can make it all that little bit more challenging. There are many rules, regulations and procedures that must be observed. It will be re-assuring to have an experienced conservation architect to manage the process for you.

We will break up the project into manageable pieces and and work through them in a logical and systematic way. Ensuring that as work develops through each stage, it is already taking into account the requirements that will be needed for the next. 

Whenever possible we stick to tried and trusted contractors and tradesmen, to ensure that you get the best results. 


The service will include 

  • Develop of your preferred design option from our Resign Review.
  • Liaise with regulatory and funding bodies.
  • Review details with you, such as finishes and colour schemes..
  • Applying for necessary permission to carry out the work.
  • Developing technical documentation for construction.
  • Obtaining prices from suitable contractors and suppliers for carrying out the work.
  • Liaise with the contractors  during the work.
  • Regularly report on progress and costs during construction.
  • Ensure that everything is finished off and working correctly on completion.
  • Finalise any official paperwork and documentation.