5. Collaboration & Partnering

Bigger Dreams Need Bigger Teams

We engage with other architects, construction professionals and developers to create project teams with skills and resources required to tackle the largest and most complex of developments.


MAAC Studio project design  team meeting
MAAC Studio project design team meeting


To deliver complex projects it is important to gather teams of people, each with a wide range of skills and expertise. Everyone has an important contribution and an ability to communicate and work constructively is essential. There are often demands that seem to be in conflict and need a lot of practical expertise, imagination and commitment to be resolved successfully. 

Conservation is not the same as preservation and it is important that heritage isn't seen as an obstacle to development.

Communities need to grow and adapt in order to stay vibrant and sustainable. We take an intelligent and positive approach to development, working with the team to develop workable solutions that embrace conservation and make it an integral part of the project. We want heritage to be embraced as an opportunity to add value.


How we would get involved

  • We would establish the parameters for conservation at project commencement 
  • Carry out an assessment of existing building fabric
  • Reporting on heritage significance of structures and features
  • Engage with the lead architects throughout the design process.
  • Engage with local authority, heritage and funding bodies.
  • Evaluate technical strategies for delivering the project
  • Assist in the preparation of technical details and solutions
  • Work with tradesmen on site.
  • Report on heritage outcomes for client or funding bodies


We are ready to help

We are always ready to work with communities, developers and professionals that value heritage and want to incorporate it into their development.