6. Research & Innovation

Conservation For The Future

With imagination, traditional buildings can embrace modern technology to be functions to create exceptional living and working environments.



The performance requirements for buildings is increasing across the board. The level of comfort, technology and environmental sustainability required today, is completely different to that which was expected 100 years or more ago. To achieve these levels of performance, without compromising the durability of traditional building materials, requires a great deal of conservation expertise and imagination. 

We work with other conservation professionals to investigate and develop new and innovative solutions to these challenges.

Technology also offers opportunities to gather new information about these buildings, improving our understanding and increasing our appreciation of our surroundings. 

Building projects often have to resolve technical demands that seem to be in conflict. we can help you by;

  • Investigating the problem
  • Analysis of the technical constraints
  • Development of proposals

Please email us if your would like to discuss our research services.