Your opportunity to speak to our practice principal. Put your project on the right track by getting great advice before you commit. 


The whole picture

You don't get an opportunity to build everyday and naturally you will want the best outcome. There are many exciting opportunities, but there are also challenges, particularly with a historic building.

Project delivery can be a lengthy and complex process so it is important to break it down into manageable stages. We will explain what will happen as you progress from one stage to the next. We will explain what information will be required for council approvals and what information you will need to give to contractors and how to get the best price and quality for your project. You will have opportunities to change and refine your ideas along the way, but remember, at each stage the amount of time and effort to make the change will increase, as will the cost.

Graph showing the cost of design changes
The Cost of Changes to Your Project

An understanding of the process will help you to avoid unnecessary costs. If you discover that your project is not going to fulfil your requirements and you need to make a late change, there are going to be consequences. You will either have to find additional funds, or you will have to leave something else out. The later you discover the problem, the bigger the disappointment is going to be. 

You need a strategy that is will identify your needs early and anticipate potential problems to avoid unnecessary changes later on and keep your costs under control.

We have years of experience planning and managing complex projects. Our Conservation Conversation will provide advice on the how to approach your project, services you are likely to need.

The call will last 30 minutes.

  • We will ask you some questions about your project and your expectations.
  • We will give you advice on the range of services that you are likely to need and timescales.

This call will leave you better prepared and help to ensure that your project is better planned, you avoid unnecessary costs and achieve maximum value for your expenditure.