Castle, Sutherland

MAAC Studio was asked to undertake a survey of this historic property dating from the 14th / 15th Century. It is protected with a listing - Grade B. 

The original castle complex is believed to have consisted of 4 separate towers forming a quadrangle almost all of which has been lost. It came under attack in 1570 and was destroyed by fire. All that remains are the tower which originally formed the South West corner and the ground floor of the south range which includes a substantial and tall chimney forming part of the reception area.

The building was restored in 1720 but again fell into ruin by 1770.

It was partially rebuilt for use as a courthouse in 1813 and then then further altered in 1860 to become the residence for the Sherrif of Sutherland.

In 1881 it was refitted as a hotel.

In 1925 the castle underwent a major restoration which included the addition of 2 floors, built off the existing house structure to the rear.

In the 1970’s, a new wing was added to the south.

Castle tower castle tower with complex returns

The building is complex. it has undergone many changes and has been redeveloped and altered on several occasions throughout its long history. A building of this scale and age presents many challenges. Its height means that is is extremely exposed and must suffer the most extreme weather conditions. Its walls include complicated features, including defensive turrets, round towers and platforms.

Inspecting a property such as this requires not only a thorough understanding of historic materials and methods of construction, but also a rigorous and methodical approach to ensure that every corner is examined.

The survey was able to provide the client with a comprehensive understanding of the building condition, a plan of work for maintenance and repair in the short, medium and long term, and a budget cost.


 tower bedroom