St John's Church, Arpafeelie

Located on the Black Isle, the church and congregation have a long history that links back to medieval times. The original church was the St Johns Chapel, which is a ruin where we have also been involved in carrying out conservation work. Read more about St John's Chapel here.

The current church dated back to the early 1800s. Extensive restoration was carried out by Alexander Ross in 1879.


St Johns Church Arpafeelie East Gable


MAAC Studio was invited to provide advice on the repair and maintenance of the church. We were able to provide recommendations to restore the church, based on key aims and objectives.

We produced a computer model that enabled us to map problem areas and carry out analysis on roof and gutters.

Like many Victorian buildings that we inspect, the rainwater gutters and downpipes are not able to cope with the patterns of rainfall the we receive these days.


MAAC studio are accredited conservation architects and principal designers working with traditional buildings throughout Scotland. 

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