Memorial Garden designed by MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness

Understanding Significant Features

Clava Cairns. Sunset. The winter solstice.

Taking advantage of some sunny winter weather, we were able to get a first hand view of the sunset aligning with the narrow entrance passages to the cairns.


Grout injection at the Scottish Lime Centre

Masonry Consolidation and Repair

There are many stages in a career. Graduating from college is only the first step. 25 years later and we are still adding to our range of skills and depth of understanding. This week we were down at the Scottish Lime Centre, in Fife, developing our expertise in the structural consolidation of traditional masonry.


condensation from infra red heating

Infra Red in Older Properties

Infra-red heating is a curious technology, if you have a traditional property is should be approached with caution. Get it wrong and you will spend the next few years mopping the condensation off from your wall, wondering what on earth is going on.

Salt damage on our urban streetscapes MAAC Studio conservation architect

Urban A-Salt !

Is the council destroying your building?

Road salt is one of the most damaging substances when it comes to stone buildings.

community hall and church roofs have to deal with climate change MAAC Studio conservation architect Inverness Edinburgh

Global Warming and Traditional Properties

Changes in our climate are having an unexpected impact on our historic buildings. While many commentators are concerned about temperature rises, what is of more immediate concern to those responsible for a traditional building is the frequency and intensity of heavy rain showers.