investigation of lead roof failure MAAC Studio conservation architect Inverness Edinburgh

Lead Roofing 01

Lead is a traditional building material that has been used for hundreds of years. Lead is a high quality material but it is not indestructible. It needs to be installed and importantly maintained correctly.

Checking wall moisture levels with Tony Carter Keim Paints MAAC Studio conservation architect inverness edinburgh

Drying Out a Traditional Building

You have carried out the repairs to your traditional stone property, replaced the cement with lime, fixed the roof and gutters. How long will it take the structure of the building to dry out ?

Tackling indoor mould MAAC Studio conservation architect Inverness

Indoor Cultures - Tackling Mould

When we carry out surveys on traditional buildings, we often encounter mould growing in parts of the building interior. In fact, we almost always encounter mould growth in parts of the building interior. Usually, where alterations or “improvements” have been carried out in the past, especially those where insulation has been added.

Algae growth spotted on survey by MAAC Studio architects Inverness Edinburgh

How Green is Your Building ?

This is not an early St Patrick's day image. This is an image from a Building Health Check we recently carried out near Inverness.

Streaky buildings not only look unsightly, they can indicate that your building is not preforming properly. This is not always the case though, as algae can also being used to heat your hot water.

MAAC Studio architects Inverness Edinburgh discuss maintenance strategies

The Labours of Love

This valentines day, don’t forget your other significant other.

So…  how would you describe your relationship with your home ?