aftercare and protection of lime

Lime Protection

It not just about the right mix of Lime. It not just about the skill of the workmen. At this time of year, protection and after care are critical.

Stone repairs to masonry chimney MAAC Studio conservation architect

Masonry Repairs

I am always surprised at how at just well traditional buildings manage to cope with distress. Long after modern construction would have given up, traditional materials hang in there.

Fractured stone at 33 Academy Street Inverness

Drones & Stones

Our latest project is a town centre tenement building.  As soon as we are approached to survey one of these buildings, one of our fist concerns is surveying the rear of the property. These areas are difficult to access, maintenance is often neglected and they invariably in poor condition.

Stone repair and conservation at St Johns Chapel on the Black Isle

The Many Flavours of Lime

Work started on conservation work at St Johns Chapel on the Black Isle, removing the vegetation to reveal the enclosure walls, and are raking out the loose mortar ready for repair work to begin.

The question of which lime mortar mix to use has been the “hot” topic of the week.