Skew repairs at highland property

Skews & Finials

What you see from the ground is often deceptive, its only when you get up close with a scaffold that you really get a feel for the condition of your property. Areas that looked solid from the ground have often been forgotten about for decades, while the weather has taken is toll. Often only patch repairs are carried out, to reduce costs, but this can only ever be a temporary solution.

Eventually someone will have to sort it all out.

MAAC Studio conservation architects discuss climate change and rainfall

Rain Rain Go Away...

Climate change is affecting us all , but in unexpected ways. It not all about warmer temperatures and fitting more insulation. For our traditional buildings it can be simpler and more dramatic than that.

MAAC Studio conservation architects discuss nail sickness

Nail Sickness

Terms like “nail sickness” are evocative. Whenever a slate slips off a roof, there is a suspicion that the roof is suffering from this mysterious affliction that brought along by old age. We see our own health decline in old age and assume that buildings do the same.

MAAC Studio conservation architects discuss leadwork as a critical component for protecting your building

Looking After Your Leadwork

Whatever the size or complexity of the property, there are somethings that you really must invest in and top of the list has to be leadwork. Lead flashings and ridges are your primary defence against the rain and once the begin to fail, the rest of the building will quickly follow.

Net zero retrofit in the Highlands

NET Zero Retrofit Solutions

What does a NET-Zero retrofit look like.? 

Net Zero and Retrofit are the new buzz-words that are dominating all branches of government and industry. Net Zero is all about trying to eliminate the Carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Currently, the energy that heats our homes and the electricity that we use to run our appliances comes mostly from burning fossil fuels. To tackle climate change, we need to reduce the amount of energy we need and then make sure that what we do need comes from a source that doesn't involve fossil fuels.