Stone Repairs 01

Stone can withstand a fair amount of damage, just as well because it is constantly under attack. Pollution in the atmosphere, frost, salt from pavements and roads, bad workmanship and poor repairs, the list goes on. Eventually there comes a point when replacement is the only option.

Replacing stone in a wall is not straightforward. There are many factors to take into account, including, getting the right colour, texture, density, porosity, etc. These are not characteristics that can be identified from visual inspection. It needs expert analysis.

Many buildings are use a random rubble pattern of rough stone as a wall finish. It looks rustic, it was relatively cheap and it hides a multitude of sins. More prestigious buildings, required something more refined. Smooth cut stone with decorative features was essential. Unfortunately, it makes any imperfections very noticeable.


Indented stone Inverness High Street


This photograph shows what can happen when you replace stone and its not a perfect match.

The different stones absorb moisture differently. This means that water is concentrated in some areas leading to an accelerated accumulation of dirt and erosion. This could eventually cause more stone to get damaged within a short space of time, needing further costly repairs.

Many of the quarries that were operational when these buildings were built, have disappeared, even those that are still in operation are working different seams of rock, with different characteristics. Getting the right match is critical. When you are investing in your property, you want it to look great for good, not just a year or two.

To keep your building looking sharp and performing well, we will analyse your stone, find the best match and organise the repair by top quality craftsmen.

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