Festive Urban Landscapes

Nothing lifts the spirits like our historic buildings covered in snow. It brightens up the dark winter days and gets you in the festive mood, but keep one eye on those gutters.

Snow on traditional roofs


Snow can introduce some interesting challenges for buildings. Combined with storms and high winds this can sometimes overwhelm a building.

For shallower pitches and flat roofs, snow can get incredibly heavy and the weight can put the structure under a lot of strain.

For steeper pitches, the snow can sag or suddenly slide down the roof until it comes to rest on the gutters. The gutters are only supported by small brackets and the weight of snow can twist them or pull them off the walls completely.


Snow resting on gutters causing them to distort
The weight of snow resting on gutters.


In the dark winter days, you may not notice the damage. Even a small twist in the gutter is enough to send rainwater spilling out and down your walls, saturating the stonework.

Remember - Wet walls are cold walls. If you do see any damage, don’t leave it too long before getting it fixed.


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