Masonry Consolidation and Repair

There are many stages in a career. Graduating from college is only the first step. 25 years later and we are still adding to our range of skills and depth of understanding. This week we were down at the Scottish Lime Centre, in Fife, developing our expertise in the structural consolidation of traditional masonry.


Calum Maclean carrying out grout injection at the scottish lime centre


Delivering projects become more complex every year. Even for standard methods of construction, regulations change, manufacturing techniques evolve and innovate new products are continuously developed.

The construction industry covers a wide range of projects, building types and methods of construction. Even a small house is a team effort, requiring a range people, with different skills. Those involved in a manging the process, need to spend years gaining experience, and honing the skills necessary to deliver their part of the project successfully.

Any project that moves away from the mainstream, will require a greater level skill and expertise. This can only be achieved by years dedicated to research, training and practice in order to gain an in depth understanding of the subject.

The performance of the simple house can be transformed by the skills and expertise of an architect accredited in sustainable design. Hospitals require experts that are familiar with the care procedures. Historic buildings need architects and tradespeople that understand traditional materials and techniques.

Appearances can be deceptive. Complex challenges can appear simple and straightforward to someone without the necessary experience. Using a professional with the right skills and experience in your particular project type, will help to identify problems that might otherwise be missed and develop solutions that anticipate challenges well in advance. All of which will reduce costs and the risk of failures in the long run.


MAAC studio are accredited conservation architects and principal designers working with traditional buildings throughout Scotland. 

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