Inverness is a great city and its architecture tells and an incredible story. We appreciate attractive buildings and streets, but being able to follow the story adds to our enjoyment and appreciation of our surrounds, giving a sense of identity and belonging


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Most residents and visitors to the city will be familiar with a few prestigious buildings. Unfortunately, many more important buildings are hidden from view, misunderstood or neglected. We don’t recognise which buildings are critical to the telling of our own story or the detrimental impact that their loss would have on our ability to show and tell the story of the city, if they were demolished.

We cant look at buildings in isolation. Each building marked a significant event or development along a path through 1000 years of growth and change. They are interconnected, one leads on to another. 

I took to the local press this week to voice my concerns as another, important building is threatened with demolition, to raise awareness of its history.

After 3 years of research, long days in the library and long nights at the keyboard, after the working day was over, writing the definitive guide to the architecture of Inverness. I am delighted that this is almost ready. It is currently going through the final process of peer review before entering the publication process.

I am hoping that this will go some of the way towards addressing the huge gaps in our understanding of the architecture that surrounds us. It may help to guide us towards a more informed approach towards the development of the city in the future.



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