Historic Buildings & Business Productivity

Discover the hidden business potential of historic properties. Recent research has highlighted the links between our built heritage and business productivity.




On average, a commercial business based in a listed building will benefit from an increased value in their goods and services of around 4.4%, according to a new research published by the Heritage Alliance. This is not the warm glow of sentimentality and nostalgia for the past, this is cold, measurable, accounting data.

“A survey of commercial occupiers of listed buildings found that for two thirds of respondents (69%) said that historic buildings convey a positive image to customers and clients. According to the report, the value and comparative advantage of historic buildings arises from the ‘cache’ of these often-unique places that are full of character. “

Creative industries are more attracted to traditional and historic properties as they add character, identity and a vibrant atmosphere which contributes to innovative and imaginative outcomes.

The report by the Heritage Alliance, should persuade councils and land owners that our historic town centres are not a burden but an opportunity to stimulate local business start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Access the full report here... Inspiring Creativity, Heritage & The Creative Industries

Too often heritage and conservation is portrayed as a luxury, or an expensive problem that we cannot afford to look after.

Too often, inappropriate and out of scale development is allowed to take place in historic town centre. It is a short-term approach to strategic decision making that results in lasting damage that will have long term consequences, reducing business diversity and innovation in the future.

We are still surprised are how many councils are still willing to support strategies that have been shown to be damaging to their communities, placing short term gains over long term, sustainable growth. Its’ time to break this cycle of decline and adopt a longer-term approach.

MAAC Studio are working with business organisations to transform historic properties into economic powerhouses.

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