Ka mua, Ka muri

2019 was a hectic year, particularly towards the end. Demand for our expertise is growing and we are looking ahead to our projects in the year ahead.

Walking backwards into the future, is a proverb from the Maori people of New Zealand.

Ka mua, Ka muri”

The future is unknown, a blank page, but our understanding of the past can help to guide us. It can teach us many things about who we are and how we got to where we are today.

Our built heritage has an important role to play. In our work we follow the ebb and flow of communities and ideas through the decades and centuries. Some endure some do not. When you take the long view, you begin to notice how short sighted and naive some of our current development strategies and ideas are.

It can teach us to move forward with confidence, but not to be arrogant, because as the past also shows us the folly of pride and over ambitious plans.

We can learn a lot from our built heritage and we are proud to part of the efforts to conserve it and ensure that it is available for future generations.


Fiona Slater MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness


We are moving forward with confidence. We are also delighted to welcome a new member to our, Fiona Slater, who has joined us for the next stage in our journey. Fiona is joining our Inverness office. As well as helping to prepare drawings and details for our projects, Fiona will bring a fresh eye to design output.

We hope that you will continue to follow our progress and join us on the journey too.

Happy New Year.




MAAC studio are accredited conservation architects and principal designers working with traditional buildings throughout Scotland. 

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