Clan Chiefs and Merchant Princes

An illustrated talk by MAAC Studio Director, Calum Maclean, will reveal the hidden architecture of Inverness that reveals a remarkable untold story of its merchant princes and clan chiefs in the 1600's.


Merchant princes and clan chiefs the renaissance in Inverness MAAC Studio conservation architect Inverness Edinburgh


In the 1600's, Inverness and Moray were prosperous, resourceful and engaged with the intellectual ideas of Europe. Unfortunately many of the buildings have been lost but, if you know where to look, and understand the architecture, there are enough examples to reveal an vibrant story of financial dealing, hostile take overs and political intrigue.

Many of the leading architects of the renaissance in Britain, were born and brought up around the Moray Firth, before finding fame and fortune in London and Edinburgh, influencing the direction and style of the nations buildings.

Its a story that remains untold, but through his extensive research of local architecture, Calum Maclean aims to redress the balance and bring the story of the architecture of the North to a wider audience.


MAAC studio are accredited conservation architects and principal designers working with traditional buildings throughout Scotland. 

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