Raining's Stairs

An interesting building on an interesting site. The views up the Raining’s Stairs are dramatic and inspiring. They make you want to explore.

Rainings Stairs Development

John Raining, a merchant from Norwich, bequeathed £1200 to establish a fund to support charitable schools in the Highlands.  At the top of the stairs there once stood the school, built in 1726, that bore his name and also gave the steps their name.

The scheme is a modern re-interpretation of the historic courtyards and lanes that once characterised the back lands of Castle Street. The archways on Castle street remain, but the courtyards are closed off. It would be great to see these spaces opened to the public once again.

The Raining’s Stair development designed by Trail Architects, has been received with a good deal of acclaim. This is to be welcomed, more often architects and artists engaged in the public realm receive scorn.


MAAC studio are accredited conservation architects and principal designers working with traditional buildings throughout Scotland. 

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