Tomnacross Kiltarlity historic steel structure

Community Heritage

Our built heritage always seems to be about the castles and the and churches. Sometimes it is the modest structures that are the most evocative and stirring.

thatched cottage MAAC Studio architects Inverness Edinburgh

Thatched Cottages

Traditional thatched cottages are few and far between these days. However, up to the Victorian era, thatching was the common form of roof covering, even in town. Many of the houses around Inverness were thatched.

When I was invited to inspect an authentic thatched cottage, on Skye, owned by the National Trust for Scotland, it was an opportunity to reflect on highland vernacular buildings and culture.

Modern Living : Old Buildings

Traditional buildings are a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful living spaces. They have features that you just can't get with modern buildings. Here are 6 of our favourite architectural qualities that can be incorporated into your design to make a unique home or work environment.