Insulation and condensation in retrofit homes

Hygrothermal Modelling

If you are trying to get to grips with retrofitting a traditional house, you may have come across the term Hygrothermal Modelling. What is it ? and What do I need to know ?

Understanding the value of heritage

Planning for Heritage

Understanding the value of heritage is as important as technical conservation and an understanding of traditional materials. Heritage values are often perceived as soft and intangible, this makes them vulnerable and difficult to hold on to when a project comes under pressure from more recognisable project issues such as budgets and ease of construction.

When projects encounter difficulties during the planning stage, it is often as a result of an inability to recognise and engage with the 'soft' heritage values. This gives rise to delays, additional costly redesign work and a great deal of frustration. An understanding of heritage values at an early stage, could reduce or remove many of these barriers and result in a better outcome for all.

Advice for working with an architect MAAC Studio Inverness

Working with an Architect

Projects can vary in size, from small repairs and alterations to large scale interventions, but in either case commissioning an architect is something the most people are unlikely to do more than once or twice in a life-time.

Assessing the scope of work in a project

How Much Will It Cost?

Getting tenders back for a project can be a strange and unnerving experience. Having spent time estimating the cost of your project before the tenders were issued, it is now time to see what the contractors think. Will it be smiles all round, or cries of despair?

Stone repair and conservation at St Andrews Cathedral Inverness

Tricky Transepts

Planning and preparation will help to ensure that you job goes as smoothly as possible. There is always going to be a surprise once work starts, so it is best to stay flexible and be prepared to adapt your strategy in response to changing circumstances to ensure that you hit your project goals.