For the Love of Architecture

In a flash, tech savvy world, where can you find authenticity and quality?

This question was nagging me the other day as I sat in the sunshine with my notepad, reflecting on the challenged of setting up my new venture MAAC Studio.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, when I started in architecture, skill and craftsmanship were self-evident. All that was required to produce good architecture was;

  • Imagination
  • Knowledge and skill
  • A sketch book and pens (2 colours minimum)
  • Juice
  • A copious amount of smokey bacon crisps.

Your mastery and understanding of proportion, space, texture, light and shadow was reflected in your ability to produce sketches by hand. These would be gradually refined and redrawn by hand using ink on tracing paper to give to the builder. Models were built from glue and card. It all worked pretty well.

Total cost of material – peanuts.

MAAC Studio sketching in Inverness

Today, working without a seriously hi-spec computer, sophisticated software, smart phones, printers and scanners, it is almost impossible.

Total cost – a fortune.

The technology has taken over. It has never been easier to produce information and documentation needed to build. Information is cut and pasted, costs are calculated and the computers render every image in a slick and glossy way. Along the way, imagination, skill and knowledge, the aspects of building that architects value most of all, often seem marginalised.

There are many architects producing work with great depth and beauty. There are others that produce work that is indifferent, or clumsy. The computer generated images are so convincing, that only a qualified architect would be able to distinguish a good design from a bad one.

Where does that leave anyone looking for a new house ?

Here are a few steps you can take;

  • The professional bodies that represent the architectural profession have excellent resources for clients, check out the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland website.. HERE
  • Take time to understand what services are available from potential practices in your area. (Bear in mind that an architect is not the same as an architectural technician.)
  • Each project is a partnership between you and your architect. The individual creativity of the architect will be reflected in the project. Its success depends on mutual respect. Choose an architect whose style you like and don’t make them work in style they are not comfortable with.
  • Make a shortlist and talk to them, ask about their design style and discuss how they would approach your project
  • Great work needs time. Give your architect the space/time the need to develop a good design for you.

Although MAAC Studio is focused on restoration of older properties, if you are looking for a new build home, we are happy to discuss your requirements and point you in the direction of good architects that will deliver great results for you.

MAAC studio are accredited conservation architects working with traditional buildings throughout the North of Scotland.

Why not give us a call ?