The problem with Lithomex repairs as illustrated on a recent survey

Lithomex - Solution or Problem ?

Stone erosion and deterioration is widespread in Scotland. Lithomex is a lime based restoration mortar often used as a cheap repair and as an alternative to stone replacement. "Cheap" is the principal attraction for many but it may be a false economy.

Highland Inverness damp gable repairs MAAC Studio conservation architect.

Big Reveal

With the scaffolding gone it is a delight to see the beautiful harling and new windows at this historic property in the Highlands. You might never know that we had been there and had carried out significant repairs.

Kenneth Street Inverness showing heritage features of significance

Researching Heritage

How reliable is the internet when researching built heritage? This is a question that needs to be asked by anyone that is researching the past, whether it is a person, a place or a building. There is plenty of information out there, but it varies wildly in quality.

A sad wall waiting for a conservation architect

Get Ready for the Big Reveal?

A pair of x-ray eyes would be ideal for a building survey. It would reveal all sorts of strange and wonderful things. I always enjoy the opening up of building fabric, its the first step to making your building happy again !