Fiona Slater at MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness

Ka mua, Ka muri

2019 was a hectic year, particularly towards the end. Demand for our expertise is growing and we are looking ahead to our projects in the year ahead.

Earth and clay mortars in 18th century masonry

Earth Mortars

Technical challenges come in all shapes and sizes. They are not restricted to castles and grand palaces, they can appear in modest cottages. A small renovation project grew arms and legs this week, when the removal of some cement harling from the stonework of their small cottage revealed a catalogue of horrors.

aftercare and protection of lime

Lime Protection

It not just about the right mix of Lime. It not just about the skill of the workmen. At this time of year, protection and after care are critical.

Stone repairs to masonry chimney MAAC Studio conservation architect

Masonry Repairs

I am always surprised at how at just well traditional buildings manage to cope with distress. Long after modern construction would have given up, traditional materials hang in there.