Entrance to culloden visitor centre Inverness Hoskins Architects

Culloden Visitor Centre

April 16th is the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. As it happens, 2018 is also the 10 year anniversary of the opening of the visitor centre. Designed by Hoskins Architects and opened in 2008, the building is a beautiful piece of architecture and on a beautiful April weekend, I took the opportunity to re-visit the centre. 

Tackling indoor mould MAAC Studio conservation architect Inverness

Indoor Cultures - Tackling Mould

When we carry out surveys on traditional buildings, we often encounter mould growing in parts of the building interior. In fact, we almost always encounter mould growth in parts of the building interior. Usually, where alterations or “improvements” have been carried out in the past, especially those where insulation has been added.

Tomnacross Kiltarlity historic steel structure

Community Heritage

Our built heritage always seems to be about the castles and the and churches. Sometimes it is the modest structures that are the most evocative and stirring.

Storm damage to historic architecture in Highland capital by MAAC Studio architects Inverness Edinburgh

Storm Damage

Damage caused by high winds to historic buildings in the centre of Inverness made the headlines this week.

Masonry falling from buildings is always extremely dangerous and has caused fatalities in the past, it is no surprise that it is a matter of public concern. However, there was an irony about the response of some of our councillors, reported in the local press.

Algae growth spotted on survey by MAAC Studio architects Inverness Edinburgh

How Green is Your Building ?

This is not an early St Patrick's day image. This is an image from a Building Health Check we recently carried out near Inverness.

Streaky buildings not only look unsightly, they can indicate that your building is not preforming properly. This is not always the case though, as algae can also being used to heat your hot water.