St Andrews Cathedral Inverness, bell tower, MAAC Studio Survey

Hidden Spaces

There are many unusual and evocative spaces that people rarely get an opportunity to experience. Hidden towers, labyrinths and dusty libraries. It is like some out of the Name of the Rose or the Da Vinci Code.

PAS 2035 retrofit of traditional properties

PAS 2035 - An early Warning

I bet few people will have heard of “PAS 2035”, but if you own a traditional property, quite soon you are going to be sick to death of it. There is an army of energy specialists, insulation companies and sales people getting ready to target you.

Strathnaver Museum Bettyhill inspection by MAAC studio conservation architects

A Fifty Year Journey

This week I am delighted to be back in the “Duthaich ‘Ic Aoidh”. MAAC Studio are in Bettyhill conducting a heritage inspection of Farr Kirk which is now occupied by the Strathnaver Museum.


Viewhill Article in Inverness Courier by MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness


Inverness is a great city and its architecture tells and an incredible story. We appreciate attractive buildings and streets, but being able to follow the story adds to our enjoyment and appreciation of our surrounds, giving a sense of identity and belonging


Calton Hill skyline by MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness

Calton Hill Observatory

The renovation of the observatory on Calton Hill is well worth a visit, next time you are in Edinburgh. An interesting blend of contemporary and classical architecture that stimulates the senses.