Slow Food, Slow Buildings

Food and shelter are our most basic needs for survival, but a basic necessity does not have to be dull or boring or humble. It can also be a source of pleasure when produced with skill and care.

What lessons can the construction industry learn from the food industry ?

Halloween on the NC500

Nothing illustrates the ability of our environment to fire our imagination like Halloween. Our heightened sense of awareness makes us alert to the marks and symbols left behind by others.  The older the building, the more infused with symbolic power it becomes. Here are 6 spooky highlights to look out for on the NC500.

High Tech Heritage

At this time of year many kids in school are starting to think about their futures when they enter the world of work. We want to encourage more of them to consider a future with our traditional buildings industry. You are as likely to find professionals in the traditional building sector working in advanced laboratories and developing the latest computing technology as you are holding a chisel and hammer.