Calton Hill skyline by MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness

Calton Hill Observatory

The renovation of the observatory on Calton Hill is well worth a visit, next time you are in Edinburgh. An interesting blend of contemporary and classical architecture that stimulates the senses.


Memorial Garden designed by MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness

Understanding Significant Features

Clava Cairns. Sunset. The winter solstice.

Taking advantage of some sunny winter weather, we were able to get a first hand view of the sunset aligning with the narrow entrance passages to the cairns.


Pick Our Experts Brains - MAAC Studio conservation architects Inverness

Pick Our Experts Brains

The secret to transforming a traditional or historic building into your ideal living, community or business space; keep your eye on the prize. It is a phrase we are all familiar with. It is sounds so simple, and yet when it come to restoring a property, it is soon lost in a fog of unexpected complexity, rules and regulations. If you are not careful you will end up tearing your hair out and regretting the day you started.


Grout injection at the Scottish Lime Centre

Masonry Consolidation and Repair

There are many stages in a career. Graduating from college is only the first step. 25 years later and we are still adding to our range of skills and depth of understanding. This week we were down at the Scottish Lime Centre, in Fife, developing our expertise in the structural consolidation of traditional masonry.