Maintenance Troubleshooter

It is often the smallest items of works that can end up causing the greatest problems. They don’t get the attention they deserve, they are dismissed as trivial and it is easy cut corners for the sake of convenience. This can make previous repairs one of the biggest headaches when it comes to resolving building defects. 

Heat Loss Bingo

A walk around our historic highland villages, in the cool crisp winter sunshine is one of life’s pleasures. For added enjoyment during your walk, play a game of Heat Loss Bingo.

What is a Principal Designer ?

The role of the Principal Designer is an important one. It is set out in law and you as the client are responsible for ensuring that they are appointed, but unless you are involved in the construction industry you are unlikely to know who they are and importantly, what they do.

Snow load on roofs

Festive Urban Landscapes

Nothing lifts the spirits like our historic buildings covered in snow. It brightens up the dark winter days and gets you in the festive mood, but keep one eye on those gutters.

Slow Food, Slow Buildings

Food and shelter are our most basic needs for survival, but a basic necessity does not have to be dull or boring or humble. It can also be a source of pleasure when produced with skill and care.

What lessons can the construction industry learn from the food industry ?