Stone Repairs 01

Stone can withstand a fair amount of damage, just as well because it is constantly under attack. Pollution in the atmosphere, frost, salt from pavements and roads, bad workmanship and poor repairs, the list goes on. Eventually there comes a point when replacement is the only option.

5 Essential Tips for Buying a Traditional Home

Scotland has many beautiful stone buildings that are full of charm and character. Built from natural materials they look great and fit perfectly in the landscape. Inside, the tall windows cast a calm, soft light into elegantly proportioned rooms. Its a dream form many of us, but if you are not prepared the reality can be disappointment or heartache.

An Unexpected Journey

Have you ever come across a view or landscape that lifts the spirit and makes you stop for a second ? 

An unexpected trip to Aberdeen, rekindled a sense of adventure as I headed into Moray this week. Any trip along the A96 induces a sense of dread, so when the sat nav suggested a trip via Carrbridge, Aberlour and Dufftown I was ready to give it a chance.

5 Golden Rules

Traditional buildings are beautiful and full of character. These simple rules will help you to protect your property and avoid expensive repairs.