Beatons Cottage, Skye

MAAC Studio have been appointed to prepare a examine the building fabric and prepare a report on the maintenance and repair needs for this important historic property.

The area of Borniskitaig is rich in the history of the crofting movement. As the traditional clan system was broken after the Battle of Culloden, the estates were sold off and passed through a succession of landlords who employed poor land management resulting in the increasing misery and poverty of the crofters. Unrest broke out resulting in the arrival of government troops and national attention. Eventually through negotiations, the crofting laws were developed to provide some security to Highland communities and release them from the malpractice of the estate owners.

Beatons Croft is thought to date from the early 1800's, when the township of Borniskitaig in the North of Skye and is one of the few surviving examples of a traditional Skye type of thatched house. This characteristics that make this type unique are the low hipped roof with low chimneys that finish below the height of the roof, and the thatch that over sails the wall heads. The windows are set deep into the sloping walls.

Internally the structure comprises cruck frames built off the stone walls. The lack of trees meant that these timbers had to be purchased and transported from the mainland.

The property is an important historical monument and is protected with a Grade A listing.